• "If you say CAN or you say CAN'T you're right"
  • "The pain of discipline is nothing like the pain of disappointment"

Welcome To MATS Training

We have a passion and that is you. Seeing you play sport is a massive joy for us and we like to do that in a fun supportive way.   Our focus is Athletic Development and General Fitness Development for all abilities and development of coaches and teachers on the process for the delivery of sport specific skills.


Our core values is what we aspire to and we work hard to share and build the same culture with you. We have extensive knowledge in the areas of Power, Endurance, Speed and Strength (PESS) and know we will improve your sporting ability. As our philosophy states, we actually just enjoy our work as coaches and our passion is you and given the opportunity we know we will have an impact that will see you improve everything in your life.



With each practice you are given an opportunity to challenge, surprise and improve yourself. Take advantage of these opportunities and make the most of them. One day you will look fondly back on the Hell Weeks and the camaraderie, and feel a deep, warm sense of nostalgia.

Put "Appropriate" “hard” and “work” next to each other and you get a catchphrase that creates results. For most the image is no pain, no gain and while there is no dispute that embracing hard work results in gains, it needs to be appropriate.


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