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MATS Training Academy - Junior, Development, Performance


Our programme's aim to follow the Sport New Zealand's Physical Literacy approach

JUNIOR ACADEMY - Year 3 - Year 6 School Age

This programme is designed for kids of all abilities who are looking for help to run jump or throw faster longer and further and considered the basis for many sports. The aim is move faster, increase distance or add some variety to your current fitness programme. While we want our kids to be more skillful, we will work on appropriate training to enhance their  chances when looking to compete in any sport.  There will be two sessions available to attend each week.  Cost is $150 for 3 months (Discounts for WT&F Members)


Building from the Junior Academy, we aim to use what we have learned and take it to greater levels.  We have targeted this programme to maximise the time in ones life where we can get significant gains in sporting development plus those older athletes who want to turn up and enjoy some great training. Our specialties include Power Development, Endurance, straight line or multi directional Speed, Event Specific Strength for most situations. All you have to invest is time and be goal and outcome driven. We will also provide several lectures and sports testing during the year to support your development. There will be 5 sessions available to attend each week.  Primary School Children Cost is $150 for 3 months (Discounts for WT&F Members still at primary school), Secondary School Children Cost is $200 for 3 months


Lets take a step up from the Development Academy and look to plan what you are going to do to make you the best sports person you can be.  If we plan, we have a greater chance of success (i.e. the odds go up).  We use methods developed by High Performance Sport NZ and we aim to individualise your training so that you get the best you can as a result of what you do. There will be the opportunity to do 6 or more sessions each week.  Cost is $300 for 3 months

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