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  • "The pain of discipline is nothing like the pain of disappointment"

MATS Training - Professional Development / Presentations


Having attended many conferences and attained international coaching qualifications, we have many experiences to share from a PESS perspective.


Professional Development is targeted at Primary School Teachers, Secondary School Teachers, New Coaches / Parents, Established Coaches across all sports who want to understand further PESS.

 It is important to ensure that first-time coaches, teachers or parents gain further insight into the concepts of Run Jump Throw. The aim for any PD is to ensure that fundamental skills are understood and simple applications can be made as soon so you return to the group you are coaching or teaching. It does not matter which sport your are involved with, we can support you with your development. Our fundamental aim is to challenge you to better yourself and not settle for the current level you coach at. Further more specialised training can be provided for those who are looking for advanced drills and skills. Mark is the principle deliver of PD, but can use other coaches as and when required. Cost is $50 per hour plus travel costs.  Day rate is $300.00 plus travel costs


Its great to be able to present our ideas and thoughts around coaching and sport development. Whether it be exercise options, nutritional strategies or wellness in general, you will find Mark a thought provoking presenter who will make you question what you currently believe and do. Mark tends to look at situations and circumstances by thinking "outside the square" and his approach is often not what you will hear from most other experts in the fitness or wellness industry. Do not fear this though, his methods are backed by good sound science, they are not just ideas made up to suit a fad at the time. Cost is $50 per hour plus travel costs.

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