• "If you say CAN or you say CAN'T you're right"
  • "The pain of discipline is nothing like the pain of disappointment"

Our Services

MATS Training Academy - Junior

This programme is designed for kids up to and including year 6 who are looking for a little help with your skills and fitness in a fun way.

Personal Training (Boot Camp)

Want a personal trainer to get fit, lose weight and be healthier. We are mindful of you and your needs and your current level. 

MATS Training Academy - Development

Build on what you have started in MATS Training Junior and take it to greater levels for kids year 7 and older.  Our aim is to make you fitter and faster.

Coach Development

Mark is an experienced senior coach developer in the Wellington Region. He can engage any audience and create outcomes that leads to sporting success.

MATS Training Academy - Performance

Want to train to perform?  If yes, then we take training to a new level with the aim that you as an individual performs to the best of your ability.

Training Plans

Just want a training plan you can do in your own time, but with a personal touch. 


Our Fees

Professional Development Coach Developer $50.00 per hour plus costs (mileage etc etc)
  IAAF Course $300.00 per day plus costs (mileage etc etc)
  Coach Education $50.00 per hour plus costs (mileage etc etc)
Athlete Training Fees Junior Athletes $150.00 per school term
  Junior athletes receive $50.00 discount / term if they are WTF Members
  Development Athletes $75.00 per month
  Development athletes at Primary School receive $16.66 discount / month if they are WTF Members
  Performance Athletes $100.00 per month
  Training Plans with support $75.00 per month
Personal Training   $50.00 per hour

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