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  • "The pain of discipline is nothing like the pain of disappointment"

Our Services

MATS Training Academy - Junior

This programme is designed for kids up to and including year 6 who are looking for a little help with your skills and fitness.  Also we will improve your acceleration and endurance while having fun.

Personal Training (Boot Camp)

Want a personal trainer to get fit, lose weight and be healthier. We are mindful of you and your needs and your current level.  We are results driven, and keen to help, are you?

MATS Training Academy - Development

Build on what you have started in MATS Training Junior and take it to greater levels for kids year 7 and older.  Our aim is to make you Skillful, Fast and improve your Beep or YoYo Test results.

Presentations / Professional Development

Need a presenter who can sell their ideas around speed and endurance based upon sound research and backed up by proven results.  We can present to any audience or group.

MATS Training Academy - Performance

Build on what you have started in MATS Training Development for kids year 10 and older, but looking for a training plan based upon international best practice, with testing and monitoring.

Training Plans

Just want a training plan you can do in your own time, but with a personal touch.

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